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Norman Teeling “Molly Malone statue, Grafton Street” (oil on board)

Pervaneh Matthews “Lady Diana” (36x28cm sepia watercolour linen board). Also available as limited edition giclee print.

Solus - Dream Big (red edition A3) - Irish Street Artist - Balla Bán Art Gallery Dublin
Irish Street Artist, Solus. Limited edition hand screen print. Available in A3 side (red background).

Solus - When I grow up Im gonna be mental image 2
Irish Street Artist, Solus. Limited edition hand screen print. Available in small size A4 (blue only), medium A3 (pink only) or large A2 (orange only). Available framed or unframed. Check out the link on right hand side to view more of artworks of Irish Street Artist Solus.

Brian McCarthy - Five Aces 30 x 15 inches oil painting
“Five Aces” (oil on canvas 76cm x 38cm) by Brian McCarthy

John F Skelton - Valenta, Co. Kerry (acrylic on canvas board)
John Francis Skelton “Light Waves”, Valentia, Co. Kerry (acrylic on canvas board)

John F Skelton - Celestial Towers, Glendalough, Wicklow (acrylic on canvas board)
John Francis Skelton “Celestial Towers, Glendalough, Co. Wicklow (acrylic on canvas board

John F Skelton - Stone Home, Inagh, Co. Galway (acrylic on canvas board)
John Francis Skelton “Stone Home, Inagh, Co. Galway (acrylic on canvas)

Graham Knuttel - Mr Punch with Fanta the Cat (small size) (c)
Graham Knuttel – Mr Punch and Fanta the Cat (oil on canvas 36 x 28cm)

Graham Knuttel - The Lady Chef (c)
Graham Knuttel – Lady Chef (oil on canvas 60 x 50cm)
Check out more of Graham’s art on

Ray Sherlock - Donald Trump. Balla Bán Art Gallery. Dublin. 2016 (low rez)
Donald Trump – “Your country needs Me” (watercolour caricature by Ray Sherlock). Prints also available.

Norman Teeling - Interior
Interior. (oil on board 60 x 50cm) by Norman Teeling

"Don't say a word", Oil on Canvas
“Don’t say a Word” by Terry Bradley

James Donnelly
“Winter Landscape” by James Donnelly (oil on canvas 45cm x 56cm)

J Fielding - Lakeside Scene
J Fielding “West Kerry Lakeside (oil on canvas board)


James Joyce – Acrylic on Canvas by Tom Byrne

'James Joyce 2', Acrylic on Canvas, 61x61cm (24'x24'), e575


“Mixed Metaphors” by Daire Lynch

Daire Lynch - Mixed Metaphors



“The Chef” (Oil on Canvas) By Frank O’Dea

"Chef", Limited Edition of Print
Drop by Balla Bán Art Gallery in the Westbury Mall in Dublin to meet artist-in-residence, Frank O’Dea and a selection of his oil paintings. More of his artwork can be viewed on as well as


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