Terence Coyle

Terence Coyle – Little Muscian I. Charcoal 42x25cm
Terence Coyle – Little Muscian II. Charcoal 42x25cm

About Terence Coyle

“I was born in Derry City, Northern Ireland, in 1972. I am the 5th child of 13 children. Although the 1970s were the most difficult time for the troubles in Northern Ireland, I have very happy memories growing up. From an early age I’ve always liked to draw. I’ve always felt at peace when I draw or paint. My desire as an artist is to try and create something which has the ability to comfort, console, or rest one’s mind, like a meditation, you should feel better or refreshed afterwards. I know painting has the power to heal one’s spirit, it can bring joy to every day life, something badly needed in this crazy crazy world. For me, there are 3 things in this life that have the ability to sooth one’s soul, 1st music, 2nd colour and 3rd nature. I often listen to music, almost everything really, not while painting strangely, I prefer silence. There’s a piece of music by Beethoven, it’s the emperor concerto, middle section, we’ll that piece of music has the ability to bring me to a place of complete calm, peace,and beauty. Vaughan Williams, Fantasia on a theme of Thomas Tallis is another, there are many more. I desire that my work can in some small way do the same thing. I try to use colour as a composer, always thinking of the poetic nature in which colour transcends feeling and mood. For me colour is the key, just like the piano key, I think colour becomes the key to unlocking the door to a place of beauty and consolation. Nature is king when it comes to beauty, I never desire to imitate nature, I prefer to tweak and exaggerate or simplify things as need be. I enjoy the challenge of creating my own harmonies from observing nature. The possibility of taking a new fresh canvas, creating something which soothes my own spirit, this is what makes me keep painting. Even though it can be a desperately lonesome struggle, the pursuit of beauty is not easy to give up.” – Terence Coyles