Richard Staunton Cahill

An Unwelcome Caller (oil on canvas 61x51cm – signed and dated 1868) by Richard Staunton Cahill (1827-1904) shows a rent collector, one assumes, arriving at the cottage of a family. Cahill’s work is sometimes used as an historic source for furnishing and clothing, and this painting is typically detailed – the rent collector is only a little less ragged than the tenants. (the above text along with a photograph of the painting featured in the Irish Independent Newspaper on 5th April 2018).

Richard Staunton Cahill was born in County Clare about 1827. He entered the Royal Hibermian Academy’s school (Dublin) in 1850, and began to exhibit in 1851. In 1853 he went to London and exhibited “An Irish Peasant Boy” in the Royal Academy, in 1854 “A City Arab”, and in 1855 “Marianna”. He was also an exhibitor in the British Institution and the Society of British Artists. He continued to send works to the Royal Hibernian Academy down to 1886. For a few years he was connected with the School of Art in Nottingham. He died on 7th July 1904.

– A dictionary of Irish Artists by Walter George Strickland

Cahill was a very well established, popular and accomplished artist in both Ireland and Britain during the nineteenth century.  In February 2015, a larger painting (61x91cm) by the same artist entitled “Reading the News, 1871” sold for a hammer price of eur14,000 at Whytes Important Irish Art Auction. However, this quality investment painting “An unwelcome caller” is being sold through the gallery by a private collector for a considerably less price.