Ray Tsang




“Ma” (oil on canvas). Also available as a limited edition giclee print



Ray Tsang - Halloween
Halloween (oil on canvas)

Ray Tsang - Portrait of Girl
Portrait of a Girl II (oil on canvas)

"Study of a girl II.", Oil on Canvas
“Study of a Girl” (oil on canvas)

"Study of a Girl Reading", Oil on Cavnvas
“Study of a Girl readaing (oil on canvas)






Irish Artist Ray Tsang studied Painting in Crawford College of Art and Design. After Graduating he decided to further his study on his own. He spent considerable time working on his drawing and painting from life at the ´Circlo de Bellas artes´ in Madrid. Although he has a formal education in painting he is largely self taught. He mostly draws inspiration from the modern impressionists of America. He aims for his paintings to tell a story as well as being visually pleasing. In 2004 he was the recipient of the “Taylor Art Award”. He is currently living in Dublin.