Peter Dee

Still Life with Vase and Fruit. Oil on canvas board 20x24cm
Red Apples in a Barrell. Oil on canvas board 20x24cm

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Pottery Jug and Fruit. Oil on canvas board 20x24cm

Still Life with wine, cheese and grapes. Oil on canvas board 40x30cm

'Books and white vase', oil on board, 35cm x 45cm (13.5' x 17.5')
Peter Dee. Books and white vase – Oil on canvas board 35cm x 45cm

'Fruit and Honey Pot', Oil on canvas, 24cm x 35cm (9' x 13.5')
Peter Dee. Fruit and Honey Pot. – Oil on canvas baord 24cm x 35cm

Peter Dee
Peter Dee. Still Life

Peter Dee grew up on a farm in Co. Kerry, moving to Dublin in his early twenties. Peter’s natural talent, obvious from his early sketches and paintings and developed over the years, he has achieved a recognised and highly regarded expertise.

Still Life is the main subject matter on which Peter has concentrated. In the tradition of still life painting, he paints all his subjects from life, using only natural light. This light transforms simple objects in Peter’s still life compositions into visually exciting images full of vibrant colour combinations. He strives to capture the effects of light as it affects various surfaces on objects such as fruit, enamelware, earthenware bottles, etc. He conveys a sense of drama in his paintings by the arrangement of the objects and their relationship to the space around them.

Peter generated great interest when he first exhibited his work publicly in 2002. He has been consistently successful in selling his paintings in galleries including Gallery 4, Carysfort Gallery, Greenacres Gallery, etc. He has exhibited with The Doorway Gallery at the London’s Battersea Art Fair (March 2017) and Hampstead Art Fair (May 2017). He exhibits at various group shows including the Dublin Painting & Sketching Club, the Dublin Art Society Annual Exhibitions, St Michael’s House Annual Art Exhibitions, Kilkenny Arts Festival and the Wexford Opera Festival.