Patricia Govezensky

Patricia Govezensky Cafe Laguna Limited edition serigraph (silk screen) print on paper
Print 46x89cm (from an edition of 375)
Photo in the frame: Patricia Govezensky – “Cafe Laguna”

This hand signed and numbered Patricia Govezensky print was initially purchased from Global Fine Arts (GFA) in a Princess Cruise art auction. It is in excellent condition. This delightful Cafe Laguna Scene by Patricia Govezensky is a print of an Original Acrylic on Canvas and measures 17″ x 33.5″. Her paintings are reminiscent of the “Fauve” period in the early 20th century – first advanced by Matisse – in that they “capture” a moment that is meant to be observed – hallmarks of Fauvism. Her pieces are so vibrant, colorful and are a true asset to any décor – modern (in black lacquer), and are equally mesmerizing framed in the more traditional gold gilt framing – very versatile. Patricia’s biography online shares that she was born in Tel Aviv in 1961 and educated and raised in Israel where she studied art. She graduated with distinction in her art studies at the Avni Institute and the Art Academy at Ramat Hasharon. “Patricia . . . brings to her canvas the immortal effeminate woman . . . [inviting] us to share the public intimacy of an informal Café Laguna.”