We are very excited to announce a very first show of the year 2013 which will be held in Westbury mall, Dublin 2 from 9th April. Official Opening night on Thursday 11th April, 5:30pm.

We are so delighted to present very talented artists, Ray Tsang and his unique talent to capture a real beauty in casual things about us

Official Opening Night with Wine reception: 11th April 2013, 5:30 – 7:30pm
Venue: Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall, Dublin 2
Exhibition runs until 20th April 2013.

Ray Tsang
Ray Tsang - Study of a girl


As another opinion poll shows Fianna Fail as the most popular political party in the country, now standing at 27%, artist, Ray Sherlock takes the ‘mickey’ on their leader, Micheal Martin with his poster design for the next General Election. Entitled “Vote for the Mickey Mouse Party” the caricature depicts the Fianna Fail leader clutching Mickey Mouse.

Perhaps the election poster could lead to some confusion with voters where protest votes are often made in order to indicate dissatisfaction with the slate of candidates for a particular ballot – and it often results in the name Mickey Mouse being handwritten on the voting paper!

Ray says that he would love to see Sinn Fein get a crack at the whip in leading the country in a coalition but he doesnt see it happening for some time yet.

The Dublin caricaturist has been painting the politicans over the years (including Martin McGuinness – see image 2) as well as former An Taoiseach, Brian Cowen – all of which may be viewed at Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall.

image 1: “Vote for the Mickey Mouse Party” (Micheal Martin) – watercolour caricature by Ray Sherlock

image 2: “Martin McGuinness” – watercolour caricature by Ray Sherlock

image 3: Artist, Ray Sherlock with his caricature of former Taoiseach, Brian Cowen

Ray Sherlock - with his portrait of Brian Cowen Martin McGuinness

“50 DATES IN DUBLIN” – My funny Valentine on Grafton street

Frank O'Dea and his DateArtist Frank O’Dea in conjunction with “50 Dates in Dublin” got into the spirit of Valentines Day on Thursday when he brought his ‘funny valentine’ for a stroll on Grafton Street. Stopping off for a bit of window shopping much to the envy of the other mannequins on window display before escourting his ‘shady lady’ back to his Gallery in the Westbury Mall. Now who said Irish men arent romantic?

Anyone looking for a man or woman can drop into Frank’s Gallery – the Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall and select from one of O’Dea’s “Shady Ladies” or “Man Kins”. Two lucky winners of the 50 Dates in Dublin will be receiving a limited edition giclee print of one of Frank O’Dea’s paintings.

image 1: Artist, Frank O’Dea on Grafton Street getting into the spirit of Valentines Day (on Thursday) with one of his painted mannequins entitled “Hands off, she’s mine”

image 2: Artist, Frank O’Dea on Grafton Street window shopping with his ‘shady’ lady friend.

image 3: Artist, Frank O’Dea on Grafton Street window shopping in Brown Thomas with his ‘shady’ lady friend.

Image 4: “In the Spirit”!!

Hands off - She's Mine (Grafton Street) Hands off - She's Mine (Grafton Street) "In The Spirit"



Niall O'Loughlin - Oscar Daniel Day LewisThe Lincoln Handicap is a horse race run on the flat at Doncaster Racecourse in early April but it appears Paddy Power are taking that literally as they have no doubts as to who will win the Oscar for Best Actor. The Irish Bookmaker is handicapping punters with current odds of 1/40 on Daniel Day Lewis for his role as “Lincoln” while second favourite, Hugh Jackman gets far more generous odds at 14/1 for “Les Miserables”. Sunday, 24th February will reveal all but in the meantime art lovers can see the actor himself on canvas depicted as President Lincoln by artist, Niall O’Loughlin at the Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall. Gallery Owner, Frank O’Dea, says that the painting is currrently priced at eur1800 but ‘odds’ are on that the price will go well up after the 24th!


Frank O’Dea teams up with fellow Dublin artist, Pervaneh Matthews at Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall, Dublin in November for an exhibition entitled “Man on the Moon” and will take place in conjunction with ‘Science Week 2012′ whose theme this year is everyday experimenting.

Perhaps the greatest experiment known to mankind was to put a man on the moon and only twelve men have ever walked on the surface on the moon. With the death of Neil Armstrong this year, only eight are still alive. One day in the near future there will be none: no one on Earth who has set foot on the moon. Pervaneh Matthews has encaptured the twelve men in her sepia watercolours on line board and these are complimented by a selection of lunar landscape oil paintings by Frank which also feature tiny pieces of actual lunar meteorite embedded into the artwork. So, not only can you have a beautiful lunar landscape hanging on your wall but also a piece of the moon itself!

Come along for the official opening wine & cheese reception on Thursday 15th November (5:30pm to 7pm) at the Gallery and Court Yard to be opened by Chairman of Astronomy Ireland, David Moore.

David Moore is Ireland’s best known astronomer, writing and broadcasting on a regular basis since the 1980s. In 1990 he founded Astronomy Ireland which has grown to become the biggest astronomy society in the world relative to population with nearly 10,000 Irish people joining in its first 15 years. He is Editor of Astronomy Ireland’s magazine “Astronomy & Space” which is published in full colour every month bringing the latest news and discoveries along with everything to see in Irish skies. For many years in the 1990s David presented “Astronomy on The Den” on RTE 2 television, first with Zig & Zag and then with Ray D’Arcy, Dustin and friends. Later he moved to RTE 1 television and presented a monthly slot on “Live at 3” with Derek Davis and Thelma Mansfield. In 1997 he launched “Astronomy & Space” magazine on Irish and U.K. news-stands and opened Ireland’s first Astronomy Shop which has grown to become one of the biggest telescope shops in Europe. David is Chairman of Astronomy Ireland and can often be seen and heard on TV and radio all around Ireland commenting on the latest news stories in astronomy and space.


Balla Bán ArtGallery will be partaking in this year’s “Art Source” at the RDS in Ballsbridge on 9th, 10th and 11th November. Art Source is Irelands biggest annual art fair, featuring over 100 Irish and International artists and galleries. You will be able to browse thousands of artworks including:


In addition to this Art Source will also be presenting a number of special features over the course of the three days of the fair to help you experience art at a practical level such as: Graffiti with FinkGrafitti with Fink

Each day there will be a live graffiti demonstration by one of Ireland’s leading street artists, Fink. Starting from scratch he will be creating a completely new piece in spray paint each day. Experience some of the best Irish grafitti, and find out more about an area of art exploding in popularity at the moment.


by Kelly Hood

COWS IN THE CITY EXHIBITION OPENING on 11th October 2012, 5:30 – 7pm
– Kelly Hood’s Latest New Work Unveiled in a Major ‘Agricultural Show’!

An ambiguous smirk, a doe-eyed stare, a docile demeanour, or a comical stance, will all attract artist Kelly Hood to her serene and beautiful painting subjects. Surprisingly, some of the vivacious creatures Kelly has painted, she can only describe as ‘absolute brats’! Well, even cows can have a bad hair day!

The Balla Bán Art Gallery in the Westbury Mall, in Clarendon Street, Dublin 2, is the venue for Kelly Hood’s striking showcase of her latest new collection of cows on canvas, and the unique exhibition runs from Tuesday 2nd October next, until Saturday 20th October.

Celebrity TV Chef, Andrew Rudd, who is a major fan of Kelly’s work, will officially open the Show a week later on Thursday 11th October, with a Hendrick’s Gin reception hosted from 5.00pm until 7.30pm.

The young Dingle artist, famed for her super realistic monochrome paintings, has recently taken her work to a grander scale, working on very large canvasses for maximum impact. The introduction of some colour work in the latest collection is also new, and, alongside the sensitive, animated images of cows, a selection of goats, chickens, pig, and even ostrich paintings, has slipped in under the wire!

The fact that Kelly Hood’s monochrome oil paintings are regularly mistaken for photographs indicates the realism and attention-to-detail in the artist’s vivid representations of animals, landscapes, and nature. The use of a traditional, Italian Renaissance-inspired glazing technique allows Kelly to clearly illustrate the individual characteristics of her bovine subjects to humorous, affectionate, and dramatic effect. The large contemporary photo-realist paintings are built in layers of thin glazes, with subtle blending, to help create a three-dimensional effect on the flat canvas.

Notable Kelly Hood collectors include Jason Byrne, Terry Wogan, The Cranberries, and Tommy Tiernan. Chef, Andrew Rudd has furnished the walls of his Medley by Andrew Rudd restaurant in Dublin 2, with Kelly’s work, and the stylish Wild Boar Pub and Box Tree Restaurant in Stepaside, in Dublin, owned by restaurateur Eamonn O’Reilly, is also a showcase for Kelly Hood’s uniquely realistic animal paintings.

Given the largely single subject and the chosen medium, there is astonishing variety in Kelly Hood’s work, gallery owner Frank O’Dea says:
“Kelly’s strength of technique ensures that each new work is fresh and distinct. The insight she acquired during her lifetime of observing the farm on the Dingle Peninsula, and the dairy cows, in particular, is evident. In her cattle portraits, Kelly creates one painting after another of dairy cows, that each individually may evoke the viewer to smile, ponder, reminisce, laugh, or even cry”.

Kelly Hood is a graduate of Limerick School of Art and Design, and she also works as a freelance graphic artist. Kelly’s exciting contemporary work can be viewed online at and is represented in many major Irish galleries countrywide. Commissions for original paintings, reflecting individual interests and themes, are also accepted.

Conveying the beauty in something that is seemingly ordinary, is the ambition of Kelly Hood’s painting, she says:
“It is my passion to translate the natural simplicity and beauty of the world around me onto canvas. With the animals, I strive to capture each one’s unique personality, and bring it to life in my realistic paintings; just like a candid snapshot. When I stand at a fence and get licked by a cow, for no apparent reason, or when I have piglets chasing each other around my ankles, it makes me appreciate the gentle, intelligent, and inquisitive nature of these sensitive animals. This is what I hope comes across in my paintings”.

Kelly Hood’s latest new solo exhibition runs from Tuesday 2nd October until Saturday 20th October at The Balla Bán Art Gallery in the Westbury Mall, in Dublin. Paintings are priced from €395 to €1,295, and corporate commissions are accepted at all budget levels.


….taking the Michael (O’Leary) on Rosanna

Photo Montage by Frank O’Dea

Former Miss World and Ireland’s Rosanna Davison has laughed-off comments that the magazine which she posed topless in exploits women. She has said that she will not allow herself to be labelled by anyone, however, one Dublin Artist, Frank O’Dea, has just done that! Currently on window display (not for sale) at Balla Bán Art Gallery is a photo montage of the model which has been covered up with Ryan Air logo labels. Now thats what I call taking the Micky (O’Leary) on Rosanna!

Rittiner & Gomez
Swiss Artist for very first time in ireland

‘Rittiner & Gomez’ originates from the Swiss artist, Anton Rittiner. Living beside the picturesque Lake Thun in central Switzerland, Rittiner creates paintings which tell stories of daily life and travels while all the time prompting the viewer to ask the question – ‘what happens next?’ The artist also runs a very popular blog on the internet entitled ‘Isla Volante” ( about daily life on a ‘make believe’ island. It is from Rittiner’s blog that a number of his paintings featured in this showcase exhibition at the Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall, Dublin. The Gallery is delighted to have the opportunity to bring a selection of Rittiner’s art from the ‘Isla Volante’ series to Ireland for the very first time as well as number of earlier paintings by the artist.

Opening of an Exhibition on 20th Sep 2012 with Swiss Ambassador, Beat Loeliger

Anton Rittiner was born in 1960 and comes from Simplon Dorf in the Valais Region of Switzerland. He has exhibited widely in both solo and group exhibitions since 1993 and his blog continues to attract a large following. His distinctive style paintings are in both private and public collections throughout Switzerland and mainland Europe as well as Ireland.


Join us for complimentary drinks at the Gallery and Court Yard on Thursday 28th June from 5:30pm to 7pm to celebrate the 2nd Birthday of Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall. The Gallery will also be showcasing a selection of paintings from John Morris, Norman Teeling, Frank O’Dea, Graham Knuttel, Lucie Pacovska, Niall O’Loughlin and other favourites for its Summer Exhibition which runs until the end of July.


Making a special appearance will be Irish Soccer Manager, Giovanni Trapattoni (on canvas that is – by Niall O’Loughlin).For those wantiing to watch the The UEFA European Football Championship Semi Final on the Thursday, why not join us for pre match drinks at the Gallery beforehand from 5:30pm to 7pm and also get to see some great art.

‘Fashion on Canvas’
3th – 16th September 2011

As part of Dublin Fashion Festival 2011, Balla Bán Art Gallery has prepared a unique show entitled ‘Fashion on Canvas’! This wonderful event will include paintings of a number of Dublin artists on the Theme of Fashion and models. There is going to be remarkable chance to get your portrait done by portrait artist Felicity Finlay. And as a special treat, Balla Bán Art Gallery will be serving a complimentary sparkling ‘Bucks Fizz’ on Saturday 12 noon to 5pm. So treat yourself and come to gallery for a little browse on display.

The exhibition showcases artworks, including prints, from : Jonathan Knuttel, Frank O’Dea, Pervaneh Matthews, Debbie Lush, Tom Byrne, Roy Wallace, Niall O’Loughlin, Lucie Pacovska, Joy, Michelle Matthews

Lucie Pacovska
‘Two Sides of Things’
Solo Exhibition at Balla ban Art Gallery

‘Two sides of things’ is the title of a solo exhibition of oil paintings by Czech artist Lucie Pacovska who resides in Dublin.

Everyone is Welcome to join us on the Opening Reception on Thursday 4th August from 6:30 – 7:30pm at Balla Ban Art Gallery

Lucie’s paintings offer alternate views of portraying an individual. Her upcoming show includes a selection of her latest oil paintings fittingly entitled the ‘Green series’ as well as some of her previous artworks. In the “Green series” four of Lucie‘s paintings display a visible influence of Colin Davidson’s portraits and she draws inspiration from his innovative use of colours – most notably in her paintings “Scars”, “The very last smoke”, “I found him that way” and “She won’t change”.

Lucie’s aim, in each of her paintings, is to feature discreet nonchalance and the simplicity. These are then ‘spiced’ up with her artistic skills, which she learned particularly during her studies of the life model. The ‘Two sides of things’ pushes us into thinking about the real basis of the picture as it is. She is, however, always giving us space to see it differently and in ways we want to see it. In other words, the picture can be seen in different perspectives.

Lucie studied Art and Design in Prague, but she learned how to use oil colors later, after arriving to Dublin, where she is fully focused for her passion, painting.

Hers previous artwork, was focused mostly in Figurative drawing and painting. Later she began with intensive study of portraits. She was mostly fascinated with all those different feelings, which can be hidden behind the eyes of the model. She has built up her distinctive style of portrait painting often creating a “disturbing appearance” giving the paintings a sense of intrigue and mystery.

TV3 Midday Show

Anglo Irish Bank shareholders now making money on their worthless shares

Unique to Dublin

‘Unique to Dublin’ announces competition of a eur200 Gift Voucher at Balla Bán Art Gallery, Westbury Mall. Its up for grabs in Wednesday’s Metro Herald (page 8 in the ‘Showbiz’ section). Competition closes at 12 midnight on Wednesday 29th. Its a very simple question and you could be the winner of this great prize.

To answer your questions about competition, please see online Metro Herald on page 8. Simply click on following link:

Peoples Art 2011

As all of you know, once in a while the railings on St. Stephen’s Green in Dublin becomes alive, thankfully to many artists from all corners of Ireland. This time it was June 24th, 25th, 26th 2011.

You can also see video

Frank O’Dea
An Exhibition Of Oil Paintings

TUES 21ST – SAT 25TH JUNE. 11AM – 6PM.

Dublin artist, Frank o’Dea showcases a collection of his colourful paintings at the Ranelagh Arts Centre in June 2011.

Frank has developed his own unique style in the use of vibrant colours with regular themes including cafe/bar scenes, musicians, social encounters, fashion models and some ‘quirky’ subject matters. Recently he has begun to explore abstract painting.

A self taught artist, Frank works from his studio in Clontarf. In June 2010, he set up his own gallery – Balla Bán Art Gallery, at the Westbury Mall. His first solo show was at The Crow Gallery and he has exhibited at the RDS Art Fair and Kenny’s Gallery, Lahinch.

CURATED BY TONY STRICKLAND – Independent art curator