Leslie Allen










“Connemara Mountain and Lake Scene”. Oil on canvas 41x51cm

West of Ireland Seascape. Oil 40x50cm.

The Golf Links, West of Ireland. Oil 46x60cm

Thatched Cottages by Lake, Connemara. Oil 20x20cm

Stacking the Turf, Connemara. Oil 24x20cm

River and Mountains, West of Ireland. Oil 40x50cm

Golf Links, West of Ireland. Oil 40x50cm

Galway Hooker, Connemara. Oil 30x24cm

Thatched Cottage and Mountains, Connemara. Oil 28x38cm

Coastline, County Sligo. Oil 25x34cm

Coastal Beach Scene, Ireland. (oil 40x50cm)

“Coastal Scene, Ireland” (oil 36x46cm)

“Connemara 1” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 2” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 3” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 4” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 5” (oil 30x46cm)

“Connemara 6” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 7” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 8” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 9” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 10” (oil 30x40cm)

“Connemara 12” (oil 30x40cm)

“Fishing Boats, West of Ireland” (oil 26x56cm)

“Irish Coastal Scene” (oil 30x61cm)

“Irish Lake and Mountain Scene” (oil 30x40cm)

“Lakeside, Co. Cork” (oil 31x40cm)

“Irish Mountain & Lake 2” (oil 40x50cm)

“Irish Mountain & Lake 3” (Oil 24x30cm)

“The Old Stone Wall” (oil 26x30cm)

“Portrait of a Man” (oil 36x26cm)

“Roundstone, Co. Galway” (oil 36x46cm)

“St Stephen Green, Dublin” (oil 30x40cm)

“Stone Bridge, Connemara” (oil 30x40cm)

“Stone Bridge 2, Connemara” (watercolour 18x18cm)

“Stream and Mountain” (watercolour 18x18cm)

“The Harbour” (oil 30x40cm)

“The Stream” (oil 23x60cm)

“Cottages and Turf, Connemara” (oil 40x50cm)

“West of Ireland 2” (oil 30x40cm)

“Old Stone Bridge, NearKylemore Abbey, Connemara” (watercolour 15x20cm)

“Ballinahinch River, Co.Down” (watercolour 18x18cm)

“Connemara” (watercolour 18x18cm)

“Harbour Scene” (watercolour 18x18xm)

“Home” (ink and wash 16x19cm)

“Kylemore Abbey, Co.Galway, Connemara” (watercolour 18x18cm)

“River, Connemara” (watercolour 18x18cm)

“River, Connemara 2” (watercolour 18x18cm)

“Green Vase of Flowers”. Oil on canvas 30x25cm.

Jennifer. Oil 24x20cm

Portrait of a Child. Oil 30x25cm

Portrait of a Child 2. Oil 27x24cm

Portrait of a Child 3. Oil 30x28cm

Portrait of a Fisherman. Oil 24x30cm

Portrait of a Gentleman 1. Oil 30x24cm

Portrait of a Gentleman 2. Oil 24x20cm

Portrait of a Girl. Oil 35x32cm

Portrait of a Woman 1. Oil 53x30cm

Portrait of a Woman 2. Oil 23x30m

Shawlie Woman. Oil 24x20m

Sophie. Oil 24x20m

Soldier. Oil 30x22cm


Still Life – Oil on canvas board 19x25cm