John Nolan

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“Green Eyes”. Acrylic 35x45cm

John Nolan was born and raised in Dublin and now lives north of the city centre in Drumcondra. He is a second-generation artist, having been exposed to art from an early age by his father. The backyard studio in which he works is covered wall-to-wall with a colourful collection of acrylic paintings, and it also contains his workspace and a teaching area. He shares his passion for painting with many. In addition to teaching adult painting classes, John also participates in special projects at several elementary schools in the area. His work is easily recognizable, and is known throughout Ireland and internationally, having been exhibited in many countries as well as in the U.S. In 2003, he won the distinguished honor of representing Ireland at the Biennale Internazionale Dell ‘Arte Contemporanea in Florence, Italy. His work is in many public and private collections throughout the world. The subject of John’s work is colour. He explores colour through his stylized, contemporary and abstract styles. His paintings have been inspired by many artists. His father, in particular, was a huge influence on and source of inspiration for his work. John’s paintings transmit a positive, upbeat feeling to the viewer. For John, art is a visual language, an important means of communication. He creates each piece as a unique experience.