Frank O’Dea


Frank O'Dea - Every Breaking Wave
“Every breaking Wave” (oil on canvas 180 x 60cm)

“Beach Bum” (oil on canvas). Also available as a limited edition giclee print

“Young Lovers”(oil on canvas board)

“Uptown Girl” (oil on canvas board)

“Morning Time” (oil on canvas board)

“Hello” (oil on canvas board)

“You are my Sunshine” (oil on canvas)

Sad Song
“Piano Girl” (oil on canvas board)

"Chef", Limited Edition of Print
“The Chef” (oil on canvas)

“Corinne” (oil on canvas board 51x41cm)

“Move Closer” (oil on canvas board 36x46cm)

“Contemplation” (oil on canvas30x41cm)

“Day dreaming of you” (oil on canvas 40x30cm)

“Guitar Riff” (oil on canvas board)

“Dancing in the Moonlight” (oil on canvas)

"The Vino and The view", Frank O Dea
“The Vino and the View” (oil on canvas 100x100cm)

“The show must go on” (oil on canvas board 46x36cm)

“A cut above the rest” (oil on canvas)

“Seated Model” (oil on canvas board 36x25cm)

“Reaching our Objectives” (oil on canvas)

“Who’s sorry now?” (oil on canvas) Also available as a limited edition giclee print 74x36cm

“On the road again” (oil on canvas)

“Banshee” (oil on canvas)

“Cosmic Collisions” (oil on canvas board 36x46cm)

“Bird” (oil on canvas 120x45cm)

Frank O'Dea - "Anglo-Irish bank and the black hole"
“Anglo Irish Bank and the Big Black Hole” (mixed media 41x56cm). Also available as a limited edition giclee print.

“Ballerina” (oil on fiberglass mannequin)

“Half Moon” (oil on canvas 76x101cm). Also available as a limited edition giclee print 48x48cm

“Lunar Landscape” (oil on canvas board 66x30cm)

"Lunar Landscape II.", Limited Edition of Print
“Moon Craters” (oil on canvas 119x41cm)

"Moon Miniatures", Mixed Media on Canvas, 15cm x 10cm (6"x4")
“Mini Moon” (oil on canvas)

"Bubbles", Limited Edition of Print
“Bubbles (limited edition giclee print 31x72cm)

“Earth Rise” (limited edition giclee print 66x56cm)

“Guitar Blues” (limited edition giclee print 46x46cm)

"The Anglo-Irish Share holder", Postcard €2 - Greeting card also available €3
“The Anglo Irish Bank Shareholder” (limited edition giclee print)

"While my guitar gently weeps", Canvas Print
“While my guitar gently weeps” (artist rpoof giclee print on canvas)

“Making a balls of the country – Anglo Irish Bank golf balls”