Equestrian Art and Animals

Angela Maximova – 50x35cm Pastel

Arthur Broadbent “The Grand National 1960s” .
Arthur Broadbent was a painter, ceramist and teacher, born in Belfast. He studied at the Royal College of Art Design where his teachers included Henry Moore.
Brian McCarthy – “Poppy”. Oil on canvas 58x89cm
James Donnelly – “What’s Up?”. Oil on canvas board
John Francis Skelton – “The Runaways”. Acrylic on canvas board 20x25cm
John Francis Skelton – “The Lookout”. Acrylic on canvas board 20x25cm
John Francis Skelton – “Bovine Harvest”. Acrylic on canvas board 20x25cm
John Francis Skelton – “The Long Way Home”. Acrylic on canvas board 20x25cm
Roy Wallace – ‘Desert Orchid’ beating ‘Yahoo’ at the 1989 Cheltenham Race. (2007). Oil on canvas 45.7×35.6cm.
Roy Wallace – First past the post. 2007. Oil on canvas 30.5×25.4cm
Roy Wallace – The Final Frame. Oil on canvas board 46x56cm

Roy Wallace – Simon Sherwood on ‘Desert Orchid’. Oil on canvas board 30.5×25.4cm

Roy Wallace – Walter Swinburn on ‘Shergar’. 2007. Oil on canvas board 30.5×25.4cm.
Roy Wallace – “Horse & Carriage” Oil on canvas board.
“A Road Rest”. Oil on canvas board 30x40cm
Tom Byrne – “Two Fish” (acrylic on canvas 46x61cm)
Tom Byrne – “Pie Bald Horses” (graphite on paper)
Kieran McGoran – The Horse Race. (Pastel)
Debbie Chapman - "Mr. Brown", Oil on Canvas
Debbie Chapman – “Mrs Brown”. Acrylic on Canvas
Leesa Sandys Lumsdaine – King of the Downs” (palomino horse) Framed Print
Victor Penney – “Connemara Pony Show, Clifden”. Pastel on Paper
When the Irish Free State was established in 1922 there was a revival of the Irish language and ‘An Gúm’ or ‘The Scheme’ was established as the publishing division of the Dept. of Education in 1925.. It ensured the supply of text books and reading matter which the policy of reviving the Irish language required. Translations into Irish which formed an important part of the project.  The Dublin Metropolitan School trained a number of artists, including Victor Penney, (GA Altendorf, Olive Cunningham and Austin Molloy), who created designs for the covers.