Ari Ahmad

Ari Ahmad – “Peek-a-Boo”. Acrylic on canvas 90x65cm

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Ari Ahmad – “The Fisher Girl”. Acrylic on canvas 90x65cm
“The Owl and the Pussycat” Pen Ink) by Ari Ahmad
Mythical Creature 2 (Pen Ink) by Ari Ahmad
Mythical Creature (Pen Ink) by Ari Ahmad

Ari Ahmad is a Malaysian based in Dublin. She qualified as an Interior Designer before discovering her passion for illustrating. She uses a variety of tools but feels most at home with pen and inks.
“My work focuses primarily on ancient myths and legends, especially those from Asian cultures. In the land of fairy tales and fantasy, anything is possible and everything achievable. The mind has no boundaries”. These artworks are from her ‘Nautika’ series, which means Nautical in Malay and explore various myths and legends of the sea. From the Kelpies of Scotland, to the Arabian Sinbad the sailor, Ari Ahmad uses different artistic mediums to help bring the stories to life.