Annie Moore






“The Cock Fight” Acrylic on canvas


‘Countryside Scene with stone bridge and mountains’.

Acrylic on board 50x40cm


“Mountain Pass” Acrylic on canvas 35x45cm

“The Turf Cutter”. Watercolour 23x28cm

“Rough Sea, Cork” (acrylic) by Annie Moore

“The Docklands”. Oil 35x28cm

Georgian Door, Dublin. Mixed Media

“Cobh, Co Cork” (pastel on paper 18x26cm)

“Harbour” (pastel on paper 26x18cm)

“Jug and Flower” (pastel 26x18cm)

“The Watermill” (watercolour 28x41cm)

“Dafodils” (pastel on paper 18x26cm)

“Vase o Flowers” (pastel on paper 18x26cm)


“Market Scene”. After J Lowry (hand embroidry)