Albert Charles Dodds (A C Dodds)

Albert Charles Dodds

“The Village and Church”. Watercolour 55x37cm

“The Village Life”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“The Village Life 2”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“Village Farmhouse”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“Church Ruins” – Watercolour 26x35cm

“Country Home” Watercolour 38x38cm

“Country Home 2” Watercolour 34x50cm

“Countryside Scene”. Watercolour 50x34cm

“Harbour Scene”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“Hills in County Kerry”. Watercolour 20x35cm

“Rock Cliff”. Watercolour 25x18cm

“Swiss House”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“The Farmhouse 1”. Watercolour 22x29cm

“The Farmhouse 2”. Watercolour 26x33cm

“The Farmhouse 3”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“The Farmhouse 4”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“The Farmhouse 5”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“The Village Mill”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“Trees by the Hill”. Watercolour 34x50cm

“Village Home”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 1”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“Village Scene 2”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 3”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 4”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 5”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 6”. Watercolour 34x50cm

“Village Scene 7”. Watercolour 34x50cm

“Waterfall”. Watercolour 27x24cm

“Coastal Scene”. Watercolour 34x50cm

Albert Charles Dodds (1888-1964)
Born Edinburgh, trained ECA and RSA Schools. Dodds was one-armed and was Drawing Master at Edinburgh Academy for many years. He painted landscapes in Italy, France and southern England, as well as in Scotland, and he exhibited with the Edinburgh Group.
Dodds lived in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland and was educated at Edinburgh College of Art and the Royal Academy Life School. He exhibited at the Royal Scotish Academy (RSW), the Royal Glasgow of Fine Arts, and the Aberdeen Artists’ Society in Liverpool. He also served as honorary secretary and treasurer of the Scottish Arts Club.
He was a landscape and portrait painter in oil and watercolour, mostly Scottish views but also occasionally on the continent. He taught for over forty years at Edinburgh Academy. He came to the Academy in 1911 as a visiting drawing master. He was appointed a full time member of staff in 1927. “Doddy” as he was known at the Academy retired in 1953.
During the Second World War a project was undertaken to record buildings, which might be at risk of enemy activity and also to provide wartime employment for artists. In Scotland this work was financed by the Pilgrim Trust under the chairmanship of Sir James Irvine, Principle of St Andrews University. Dodds was commissioned to do a number of paintings for the project. After the war the collection of works was donated to the University.
The artist is also included in ‘The Dictionary of Scottish Painters” (first published by Canongate Publishing) in a series of short biographies of notable Scottish artists from the seventeenth century to the present day.