Radek Rola

Born in Poland in 1979, Radek Rola now lives and works in Ireland. Having studied Business Management he decided to follow his dreams of a career in Fine Art. Inspired and encouraged by his grandfather who is a well known artist in Poland Radek Rola has participated in many successful Irish art exhibitions.

Much of Radek Rola’s art work is portraiture executed in acrylics and employing a limited, dark palette. Rola is committed to the portrayal of people and their ‘rich and varied emotional states’. By focusing on faces as the main subjects Rolek seeks to portray all aspects of human nature through mood and character. Radek Rola’s strictly controlled use of colour as well as his use of light and shadow are key elements in his powerful and engaging paintings.

‘My aim, as ever, is to fully engage people in this process by hopefully creating strong and lasting images. Undistorted shapes which are deeply emotional and symbolic’