A C Dodds

A C Dodds

“The Village and Church”. Watercolour 55x37cm

“The Village Life”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“The Village Life 2”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“Village Farmhouse”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“Church Ruins” – Watercolour 26x35cm

“Country Home” Watercolour 38x38cm

“Country Home 2” Watercolour 34x50cm

“Countryside Scene”. Watercolour 50x34cm

“Harbour Scene”. Watercolour 37x55cm

“Hills in County Kerry”. Watercolour 20x35cm

“Rock Cliff”. Watercolour 25x18cm

“Swiss House”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“The Farmhouse 1”. Watercolour 22x29cm

“The Farmhouse 2”. Watercolour 26x33cm

“The Farmhouse 3”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“The Farmhouse 4”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“The Farmhouse 5”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“The Village Mill”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“Trees by the Hill”. Watercolour 34x50cm

“Village Home”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 1”. Watercolour 35x26cm

“Village Scene 2”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 3”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 4”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 5”. Watercolour 26x35cm

“Village Scene 6”. Watercolour 34x50cm

“Village Scene 7”. Watercolour 34x50cm

“Waterfall”. Watercolour 27x24cm

“Coastal Scene”. Watercolour 34x50cm